22 Jumps 2021

Perrine Memorial Bridge, Twin Falls, Idaho
May 29, 30, or 31, 2021
(Whichever day the wind conditions are best)

How To Get Involved

Can I Come And Watch The Jumps?

Yes. The Perrine Memorial Bridge is open to the public. Please follow all official guidelines and crew suggestions if you want to come to watch the jumps in person. Please assist us in minimizing the risk of injury by keeping the landing and jumping areas clear and feel free to ask questions as everyone involved with the event will be friendly and approachable.

Can I Donate?
Yes. 100% of the money raised will go to Cohen Veterans Bioscience – a non-profit utilizing biotechnology, high-performance computing, and data analytics to develop testing and therapeutics for traumatic brain injuries.

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22 Jumps 2021

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