Veterans are fortunate to have a lot of great organizations working tirelessly to manage common symptoms of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) like depression, anxiety, PTSD, suicide, etc. But unfortunately, there are fewer organizations dedicating resources to understanding the science of why traumatic brain injuries cause those common symptoms and using a scientific approach for developing TBI therapeutics. If we don’t understand the basics of brain injuries, how can we ever really treat it?

My desire to understand the unique yet all-too-similar nature of veteran TBIs led me to Cohen Veteran Bioscience (CVB). CVB is accelerating the development of next-generation diagnostics and treatments for brain disorders by harnessing biotechnology’s power — neuroimaging, ‘omics, and biosensors. Additionally, CVB gleans insights from aggregated historical research by combining high-performance computing and data analytics to find consistencies in patient experiences that can help us better understand the underlying mechanisms of disease and discover new ways to improve brain health.

CVB has been incredibly enthusiastic about partnering with 22 Jumps as our intent and missions align. They have generously allocated resources to assist in 2022’s 22 Jump event and have committed to helping all future 22 Jump events. We hope this partnership, as well as all future partnerships, will continue until the medical world has a better understanding of TBI physiology and can develop therapeutics that significantly improve the quality of life for TBI patients.